About A-Form

Handmade Seats Tailored to Your Racing Needs

Every seat is carefully moulded
to follow your own unique form, ensuring 100% connection to the car. This removes any delay in feeling what the car is doing, allowing you to perform at your best.

Design Inspired by Decades of Racing Experience

A-Form’s talent for creating high
quality custom built seats stems from the founder’s thirty years of experience as a racing driver, competing in a wide array of cars, from Single Seaters, Touring Cars, GT, Historic and Prototypes. We therefore know what drivers need
and want from a seat.

Add to this, over a decade of making seats, continuously exploring new ways to make them better, all of which results results in a unique understanding and ability to make the best seat for the driver.

Interested in the design process?

If you're interested in learning how we create our seats from start to finish. Check out some our articles below where we go into great depth into the production process.


What kind of cars do moulded seats fit into?

Anything and everything. Some race cars are specifically designed to accept a moulded seat. Some already have off-the-shelf race seats installed which can be removed and even resold.

How long does it take?

We can fit a seat in half a day and although we are busy we can normally book your appointment in 2 weeks depending on the time of year. So please dont leave it until the last minute because we wouldn't want to disappoint you, especially during busy periods eg before the race seasons start in March and April.

How much does a custom seat cost?

Because the seats are made specifically for each driver and each car, there are a number of options available, please email us at info@aformseats.com or call us on +447816 782 278 to discuss your requirements.