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Why Fitted Seats are Essential for Single Seaters

Single seaters are the most focused form of race car. Almost every single seater will require a custom made seat. No compromises are made in their
development. This means there are no such luxuries as plenty of space for the driver to relax in. Space is tight which means the seat has to be very accurate to support and hold the driver in place. Everything needs to be taken into account when making a seat for these types of cars, and with our first hand experience in the cockpit of them, we have the head start in getting you in the best position.

  • Optimum Performance

    It's important that the seat you sit in whilst driving is fitted appropriately to the contours of your body to enable for a comfortable drive, enabling the driver to concentrate fully on the task at hand.

  • Agile Handling

    Each seat is custom-made to fit the individual shape of the driver, enabling for adept and agile handling whilst steering.