How we make a racing seat specific to your needs

How we make a racing seat specific to your needs

Why choose a moulded seat?


Any seat that is made for everyone, isn’t made for you.


A driver needs to feel at one with their vehicle. To know and understand the most subtle shifts in balance and grip. This can only be achieved if they are connected to their seat, comfortably and securely.

A custom moulded seat does this. The concept behind a moulded seat is to allow the driver to position themselves exactly where they want to be. Whether that be in an existing seat shell or in a car with no existing seating option.

No “off the shelf” seat can fit you perfectly. We are all unique and have our own specific requirements and preferences. A moulded seat, made in an existing seat shell or cockpit will allow you to find the perfect position and fit for you. Because the seat material will follow your own contours, this will remove pressure points, spreading load evenly allowing you to feel each subtle movement of the car much more accurately and quicker.

You will also feel less fatigued. If you are not seated correctly, while you are driving the car, your body will be trying to hold itself where it wants to be. The feeling of “hanging on” is often due to a poor seating position. When held correctly, you can relax and focus on just driving to 100%, with no distractions.


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